House on Wheels

Video installation, 2000

House on Wheels is an interdisciplinary, multi-media video installation that explores themes of multicultural experiences and migration. The centerpiece of the installation is a simple wooden house structure mounted on wheels, symbolizing the concepts of mobility and travel. Suspended within this main structure are four smaller houses, each crafted from digital transparencies and mounted on wooden frames. These inner houses each represent a distinct culture, adorned with specific iconography reflecting their respective heritages.

The video element of the installation delves into the notion of migration, visualizing the ongoing journey from one place to another through a continuously looping video of walking. The initial audio features a phrase overlaid in four different languages, creating a chaotic and repetitive sound that mirrors the confusion and complexity of a multicultural existence. Throughout the installation, symbolic imagery of home and cultural icons merge with songs and narratives in the represented languages.

As visitors enter the gallery, they encounter a semi-dark space where large-scale video projections and the moving transparent houses craft a surreal and engaging environment. This whimsical setting is enriched with narratives and music from the four represented cultures – Armenian, Farsi, French, and English –immersing the viewer in a sensory experience that may feel both foreign and familiar.

House on Wheels is not just an exploration of physical movement from one place to another but also an expression of the internal experience of feeling out of place while simultaneously enjoying the privilege of belonging to multiple cultures.

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