Eternal You

Interactive performance, luminescent objects and evolving digital image, 2015

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Drawing with one's body and seeing the drawing immediately appear on a screen. Synchronization between time and image is what this installation/performance offers . As a continuum of a work with robots and projected images, "When I woke up the sun had moved", this installation invites the public to take luminescent accessories and to move under the eye of cameras connected to a computer. A computer program reads the data and translates the light traces, in lines and forms visible on screens. The installation Eternal You is an opportunity for all participants to create the image of the movement of their bodies, moving and dancing.

Photos: Installation at Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne (EPFL), October 2015. First row by Alain Herzog.
  • Eternal_You1_Herzog
  • Eternal_You2_Herzog
  • Eternal_You3_Herzog
  • Eternal_You_EPFL
  • Eternal_You_traces1
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